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Our Winery

One day while driving down Tesla Road, Dr Ricardo Aguirre fell in love with the scenery and peacefulness within the vineyards of the Livermore Valley and immediately set his eyes on the future. So, in 1989, he purchased 32 acres of land next to Cedar Mountain Winery.  

            In 1995, he planted 12 acres of grapes, half Merlot and the other half Cabernet Sauvignon. The following year, he purchased the property where our Bodegas Aguirre Estate is currently and planted 7 acres of Petite Sirah. In 2002, he crushed thirty tons of grapes and made his first commercial wine.   However, it wasn’t until 2006, that Dr. Aguirre invited the public to share in his passion, with his first release of 2002 Petite Sirah.

            The Bodegas Aguirre winery is owned and operated by the Aguirre family. Dr. Aguirre is wine maker, label artist and bottler. Sylvia, his daughter manages the tasting room and wine club. This Aguirre combination produces award winning wines and services.

One of our most beloved wines is the Castallo Nuovo; better know as the “wedding wine”. The five varietal blend of: Merlot, Cabernet, Zinfandel, Petite Syrah and Syrah were a wedding gift to Sylvia and her husband. To this day the Castallo Nuovo continues to inspired wine lovers with its complex blend of grapes and its love story. 

For the first 3 years, the Bodegas Aguirre winery featured a variety of wines, most of which are red.  However in 2007, Dr. Aguirre created his first white wine using Chardonnay grapes from the Carneros Valley.  This was just the first of many new varietals being created at winery; Cabernet Franc, Cab Blanc, and Tempranillo would soon follow. 

2009 brought a new addition to the Aguirre family, with the birth of Ricardo’s first grandchild, Victoria. To celebrate Victoria’s birth Dr. Aguirre was inspired to create a pear infused white port, Victoria’s Forte.  

Our goal is to continue to create wines that will excite your taste buds and inspire a new generation of wine enthusiast.

We hope to see you soon

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